Credit with parental allowance.

Especially when young people have announced themselves, new investments have to be considered. After all, the new Earth citizen needs a suitable bed, a stroller, changing table and many other utensils in order to survive the first year of life as comfortably as possible.

Many “young parents” have to take out a loan because they are unable to raise the necessary financial resources on their own. But is it really that simple? Taking out a loan during parental leave? If only parental allowance is received?

A loan with parental allowance

A loan with parental allowance

In principle, it is possible to take out a loan with parental allowance. However, as with all other loans, one or the other requirement must be created for this.

For example, the parental allowance has to be in a attachable area. If this is not the case, a guarantor or a second borrower can provide the appropriate security for the bank. In addition, the borrower must have a fixed employment contract. Since employment contracts are only suspended during parental leave and are not terminated, this should not be an obstacle to a loan with parental allowance.

Finally, even with this type of loan, the bank requires the borrower to have a Credit Bureau that has no negative entries. However, since this requirement applies to all loans, there are no differences here either.

For the case of falls

For the case of falls

But what happens if the bank does not want to approve a loan during parental leave?

If this is the case, it is advisable to talk to the bank and disclose the reasons for the rejection. It can sometimes happen that the borrower simply chose the wrong type of loan or an excessive loan amount. In order to be able to counteract this and still get a loan, you as a borrower should carefully consider the extent to which the loan is really needed. If, despite all of this, you cannot find a negotiation level with the bank, there is still the option of using a consumer loan for the necessary utensils.

This type of credit is very popular and is directly conveyed to customers by mail order companies, telephone companies and dealers of all kinds. The advantage here is that the loan is factual. For example, if you buy a cot or a stroller, the company approves the loan for that purchase. You don’t get the money paid out, but the purchased items are financed directly.

This method offers additional security for the companies that offer this. Because if the installment payments are delayed, you can request the goods back directly.

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